Saturday, June 9, 2007

Is this what it's come to?

Ahhhh, what a day. June 9th. Our happy couple's wedding anniversary. It's been six great years. For those who don't know, every six years your wedding anniversary will fall on the day you got married. For instance, Jen and I got married on a Saturday; now, six years later, our anniversary is finally on a Saturday again. We both had the day off of work, it was gorgeous weather, and we have a neighbor kid who we trust to watch our daughter. Of course, it obvious how we spent our day...

That's right...

Nothing says marital bliss like a garage sale. It was time, once again, to drag out our unwanted wares in the hopes that someone would take them off our hands. We had a bargain basement sale. In terms of dollars, we didn't make as much as we have in the past. However, in terms of space gained, we made a bundle.

Of couse, Peanut was on hand, chatting with customers and showing the customer service skills that make a father proud.

When the sale was over, it was time for Peanut to take a nap, and for Jen and I to clean up the garage. After working up a sweat moving things around in the garage, it was time to get cleaned up, wake the child and head out to dinner.

We ate at one of our favorite restauants, had some good food and drink, and a wonderful dessert. On the way home, while Emily was bopping around in her car seat, Jen was being blinded by the sun reflecting off of my side view mirror. She leaned forward, warning me not to get into an accident. As she said, this would deploy the airbag and "break my face". I found this to be very funny, and repeated it for my own amusement. From the backseat, after I said, "Hah! Break your face!", I hear a little voice say, "I'll break your arm."

I almost rolled the car. Who knew a two and a half year old could be so violent. Hilarious.

Obviously, we're sleeping with one eye open from now on.


Jen said...

Seriously, she said I'll break your arm with such inflection, you should sleep with one eye open...You should, because she wouldn't dream of hurting her dear old mother....although she did bite me just before bed. But that aside...I can't think of a better way to have spent our anniversary than a day with the family....garage sale and all.

The Mrs. said...

Happy anniversary, you two! Sounds like you had a wonderful day even with signs of a future hit man for a daughter.

And, man! Was all that stuff yours?!?!? Do you even have anything left in your house? I'm impressed!

Swanny said...

Jen- as much as she's been a daddy's girl, do you really think I'm the one who needs to worry? :)

Amanda- items left in our house: an apple crate and the TV. All we need is our love to keep us warm. Although, with summer coming, we don't even need that.

zztopdog said...

Great pix! Jeez, you have a lot of stuff! Maybe I need you guys to go through our place some time; we don't seem to be very good at getting rid of things!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

It's a week late, but happy anniversary.

Wiat until you have to move from your home, as ggma and I did in 1989. We had one of those big dumpster in the street. We fill it with all our junk from 39 years.