Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New lawn ornamentation

As with her swimming pool a few months ago, Peanut has completely out-grown her little plastic slide.

We've been saying for a couple of months that Peanut needs a new slide/swingset. The need became apparent while we were in Idaho, visiting the park with Auntie's crew.

Our yard has plenty of room, but despite a decent selection of outside toys, it's a little boring for a two and a half year old. We were feeling like maybe Peanut was a little bored around our house.

So, today, we got this...

After spending most of the morning and afternoon putting it together, I was having visions of Peanut glancing at it, and heading for the door. I was wrong though. After we got home from daycare, she was shouting excitedly about the swingset in the yard. She promptly headed for her favorite option...

But it wasn't all sliding, the swings saw a little action as well.

Now we'll just need to have Peanut's friends over for some fun. Shortcake, I'm lookin' at you.


zztopdog said...

Very cool! Just consider not leaving it up until she's graduated from college -- like you know who.

The Mrs. said...

Shortcake is so there and will be so jealous. Her mean parents haven't broken down to purchase a swing set for her yard (although her sympathetic mom did make an attempt early on in the summer).

We're looking at under a month to go before the dreaded back to school day arrives. We've got to get these girls together soon!

I love that look on Peanut's face at the top of the slide. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of zztopdog at that age.
But the neighbor's daughter seemed to think it was her swing!