Sunday, July 8, 2007

Splish Splash

Yesterday, the temperature here in Auntie's part of Idaho rose into the 90's. While not as warm as the previous couple of days, it was still sufficient to send us to a nearby water park. I think the adults were just as eager to cool off as the kids were. We arrived shortly after noon and made our way to the front of the ever expanding line. Peanut and Missy stood transfixed by all the fun stuff waiting just on the other side of that fence. (By the way, looking at this picture it's hard to believe that Peanut, in pink, is one month younger than her cousin.)

After paying the surprisingly low admission fee, we found a nice, semi-shaded spot to lay our towels down and get ready to swim. Following another quick application of sun-screen, Peanut, J-bug, and Missy, headed for the kiddie splash pool.

This "little" pool had more fun stuff to do than any of the "older" pools. There was a tire-swing, a platform leading to a waterslide

and a "rooster-tail" jet of water

Almost an hour passed while the kids were whooping it up in this pool, then it was determined that snacks were in order.

We ate and waited a bit for our stomachs to settle (getting a cramp while swimming is nobody's holiday), then headed for the lazy river. If you haven't seen these before, a lazy river has a current (not electrical, like I first thought) moving through it to propel the people floating on rafts. The kids enjoyed it at first, but then Peanut, who was riding with me, wanted to abandon our tube and float on our own. J-bug, just out of reach of Jen, up-ended his raft, and fell in the water. After that, he'd had enough of the lazy river. Missy seemed to enjoy herself all the same.

After the lazy river, it was back to the kiddie pool for more slide action.

It was only a couple hours from start to finish, but we had three tired kids on our hands. We packed up our gear, changed into dry clothes and headed back to Auntie's house. Surprisingly, Peanut stayed awake for most of the twenty minute ride home, falling asleep 2 blocks from Auntie's. J-bug never fell asleep until later in the afternoon. We all had a blast, and there's talk of going back this week. The kids are already looking forward to it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to apply lotion to my sunburn.


Jen said...

What a blast. We had almost as much fun as they did. Poor Stinkbug had to stay home, although I hear she and Grammie had a party while we were gone!

zztopdog said...


The Mrs. said...

What a fun day! I don't think there's anything more fun for a kid than a day with cousins. Heck, that's even true for adults!

srios24 said...

I have to admit, the water park was our favorite activity while the Swanson clan was here!!! This is the only part about living sooooo far away that I don't like! I wish we could do this every weekend.