Thursday, August 2, 2007

A visit from ggpa

Today the Swanny household enjoyed a visit from Peanut's great-grandpa, known on this blog as "ggpa". Ggpa has visited our house before, but this the first time that Peanut really warmed up to him. While shy at first, by the time we were done running our errands today, Peanut was wanting to hold ggpa's hand to be safe walking through the parking lots.

We had a great time while ggpa was here, and after a full day, we were all pretty wiped out. Thanks again for coming out, ggpa!

Tomorrow, a mylifewithdogs/onecarbonhill crossover, as Peanut and Shortcake come together again.


jen said...

It was a "great" visit from great grandpa today. Peanut had so much fun that she woke up from her nap asking, "where's grandpa?" We had a fun day ggpa!!

zztopdog said...

What a sweet picture!

Anonymous said...

I was so relaxed and happy with nothing to do except enjoy being with you three. That's what 'family' is all about, being together.

Peanut really wondered where the quarters came from behind her ears.

I'm gald you enjoyed the cookis and home-made 'pastrami'.

I hope I can come again, soon.

Lots of love to y'all.


The Mrs. said...

Shortcake is counting down the hours, Peanut! We'll be there soon!!!