Sunday, September 2, 2007


Ok, so this whole game of Tag that the Mrs. started has really started to spiral. The Mrs. was tagged and she in turn tagged Swanny who proceeded to tap me. Thus the list of 6 bizzarro behaviors noted previously on this blog. I spent the better part of my evening Friday trying to determine what was odd about me or pinpoint the things that would be most interesting to note as my eccentric habits. I was disappointed that I couldn't come up with many and that they weren't all that interesting. Well, that was Friday. On Saturday, Swanny and I spent an hour and a half in the car together and I was able to come up with at least 6 more for myself. Is anyone surprised that they revolve around my bizzarre relationship with food?? I couldn't resist--I have to share:

1) I crunch my crackers lengthwise, rather than biting into the flat side of them. It's a sensory thing I think. I like the extra crunch and I also like when you bite into a Goldfish cracker and it falls apart into 2 halves in your mouth. If you recall Swanny's fondness for mouth-noises (especially related to food), you can imagine this goes over well with him.

2) I have to eat Skittles 2 at a time. I love Skittles--they're probably my favorite non-chocolate candy. I have to eat them in pairs in order to mix up the flavors--you know lemon and lime, orange and lemon, strawberry and lemon. You get the picture. Swanny asked what I do if there is an odd number of Skittles, I add it to a pair to make a group of 3. :) (Or I give it to someone else)

3) When eating french fries, I don't just take bites off of them, or in the case of most men I know, shove 4 whole in my mouth at the same time. I take bites consecutively, feeding the fry into my mouth as though I'm a shredder. The whole fry in essence winds up in my mouth at once, but in manageable smaller pieces. Another one that drives Swanny crazy.

4) If I am eating a chocolate with a candy coating (peanut M&M's, Reese's Pieces etc). I bite into them in order to break the candy shell off, eat the shell then the chocolate or peanut or whatever. Again, I think it's a sensory thing.

5) When eating pepperoni pizza I pick off the pepperonis and eat them after my pizza is gone.

6) I could eat ice cream for every meal of the day. Plain and simple.

Ah, thanks for indulging me. And come on, fess up!


The Mrs. said...

You are strange! And you can bet that I'll be secretly watching you while you eat your lunch next time we dine in the room together. =)

Anonymous said...

How do you stay so slim?
And beautiful?

pseudored2 said...

Wow I knew you were strange, but not that strange, are you sure we're related? I too eat any fruity chewy candy in a certain order according to flavor. So we are all weird!

srios24 said...

Rest asure Shorty, you are not the only one with the food issues!! Just ask my husband and the weird ways he has to eat things!! Oh, he also has your counting obession!

love ya!