Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random bits of fun

Today, while I was painting in the basement, the dogs started barking at something outside. I blew it off, figuring someone was walking past the house with a dog or two. As it turns out, our friendly neighborhood FedEx driver had left six boxes of Pampered Chef items at our back door.

Tonight, while Jen and I sorted through the bar pans, ice cream scoops, choppers, etc., in an effort to organize which friends ordered what items, Peanut decided to help in her own way.

All the toys she has in the house, and the oversized box is the best plaything of the evening. That's our girl.

And, just because it's been a while...

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pseudored2 said...

Boxes are the best toys! Isen't that always the way? ANd I think that Leia is saying "next time we are in the QC at the same time Jeff and Jess are I would like to play with Spenser" or something like that!