Monday, October 1, 2007

September trivia results...

Well, no surprises here. Turning in another strong performance this month, themrs stormed to the lead early in the month and was able to hang on for the duration. Congratulations!!! I once again stand in awe of your trivia superiority.

1. themrs (149 points, 9 wins)
2. js7997 (142 points, 5 wins)
3. boxer23 (141 points, 9 wins)
4. thegeneral (128 points, 3 wins)
5. svenska (115 points, 1 wins)
6. pseudored2 (87 points, 1 wins)
7. srios24 (54 points, 2 wins)
8. meecubana (19 points, 0 wins)

As an aside, I have to say that, as far as points go, there was a night when js7997 and I could not get into the tournaments. So close, yet so far.

Remember, points are cumulative for the month, so play every day if you want a shot at dethroning our current champion. Good luck to everybody.

...except themrs, who doesn't appear to need it.


The Mrs. said...

That same thing happened to me on the first day of the month! I nearly had a panic attack at not being able to play - just as The General.

It was a close race this month!

zztopdog said...

Of course, you mention not being able to play on the ONE day I happened to win!

The General said...

Besides Boxer, JS, and themrs, 4th place is the new first place. The rest of us can have a side tournament going for 4th.

zztopdog said...

Good idea!