Thursday, October 25, 2007

Snap, crackle, pop

Ahhh, the magic of bubble wrap. Completely addicting and fun for children of all ages. Peanut received a package today from Grammy Pam (zztopdog), and immediately got down to business with the best part of any postal gift.

Even though I had to pull her away from the bubblewrap fun to hold her new Halloween Barbie for a photo, I know deep down she really likes her new doll. (note to grammies: next time just send a box of bubble wrap; apparently, it's just as much fun)

All kidding aside, Peanut loves her new "Darbie". Zztopdog knows how to keep her granddaughter happy.


Jen said...

Thanks Grammy Pam!!! What a hit, all the way around!

zztopdog said...

And a person never outgrows bubble wrap! Cute post!

pseudored2 said...

I agree, Jeff and I found some bubble wrap and argued over who got more bubbles to pop, we never outgrow it!