Sunday, December 2, 2007

Once again...

So close, and yet so far. The birthday girl once again showcases her trivia dominance with 14 wins (an impressive 9 wins better than pseudored2, but only 20 points ahead of me).

1. themrs (188 points, 14 wins)
2. boxer23 (168 points, 5 wins)
3. js7997 (167 points, 1 wins)
4. pseudored2 (155 points, 6 wins)
5. svenska (154 points, 1 wins)
6. grantrhode (133 points, 2 wins)
7. meecubana (126 points, 0 wins)
8. TigliWigli (86 points, 1 wins)
9. srios24 (16 points, 0 wins)
10. thegeneral (7 points, 0 wins)

Congratulations mrs! I've got you in my sights and I'll be making a serious run at ending your streak in December. Remember kids, it's all fun and games unless you want to see your name in imaginary lights at the end of the month. Play every day for maximum point accumulation.

It also doesn't hurt to place first for half the month, right mrs?

Good luck everyone!


pseudored2 said...

Yeah that is 8 wins, not 9. If I must be an example let it be correct. I am just happy I went up from 6th place to 4th...yeah me!

Swanny said...

Sorry Jess, I fat-fingered that one.

pseudored2 said...

It's ok, I will still claim you as family. Of course considering who I am actually related to do you really want that moniker?