Friday, January 25, 2008

Bling and beds

Maybe it's pregnancy or maybe it's just "Nostalgic Mom" but **sniff** I have some items to add to the archives which document Peanut's evolution from toddler into princess....

A recent past time has included donning every piece of jewelry she owns and twirling around then taking a bow. Swanny and I have helped her learn to call all the sparkle and flash her "bling."

Swanny has also tried getting her to say, "I pitty da fool." Classic, Swanny. And to top it off, somehow (probably on a night mom was at yoga) she ended up with all the sparklies on and sporting just her undershirt, further adding to the Mr. T. comparison--bit of a digression from princess if you ask me, but here ya go:

She looks tough right? Especially with her posse (Leia) right behind her.

And from just this past weekend, find her pictured in full on princess garb sporting the bling.

Look at the hair fly! She still has trouble when finishing her spin taking her bow in the heels that go with the Cinderella gown and not falling over.

In other growing-up and princess news, the final touches have been added to Peanut's big girl/big sister room. The big girl bed was finally purchased and assembled through the collective efforts of myself and Svenska (aka--Grammy Pam). Despite negative wind-chills, creative car-packing that we haven't had to do in some time (and we've packed some doosies from IKEA) and a tantruming-over-tired-3-year-old, we did it.

Complete with princess lamp and bedding, she really is making the transformation from toddler to princess....

Where does the time go? Just think I'll be doing this but in Superman motif in another 3 years!


Swanny said...

That's it! No more growing up for that little girl!

zztopdog said...

What a doll! Grammy's bringing more bling for Valentine's Day!

The Mrs. said...

Such a cutie. Her face in the princess garb is priceless, and I love her new bedspread/sheet set!