Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day Fat-pants!

In the Swanny household, January 2nd will forever be Maggie's Gotcha Day.

It all started innocently enough; Jen and I decided to foster her at our house while we searched for a new home for her (things weren't working out at Swanny Sr.'s). As soon as we got her home, Maggie and I headed out for a walk, hoping to wear her out before letting her meet Leia and check out the house. As we neared the end of our walk, Jen and Leia met us along the way so the girls could meet on somewhat neutral ground. What's the first thing that happened? Fight.

We quickly got them seperated, got Leia on her back on the ground, and made Maggie come and sniff her out. After a little more effort, we were able to complete our walk with minimal posturing from the dogs.

That night and for the next few nights, there were more fights (the most severe requiring a trip to the vet for an infected ear, but nothing more serious), and we all had to adjust to the new schedule and routine that accompanies bringing a new dog into the house.

Since then, Maggie and Leia have made peace (albeit uneasy at times), and our home is certainly the better for having her here. Maggie has lost around 15lbs, and no longer appears to have a butt on top of her butt. Peanut just loves her Maggie, and Jen and I do, too.

We're very happy to be Maggie's Forever Home.


Jen said...

We love you Mags! Thanks for chasing the squirrels away from my bird feeder!!

zztopdog said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Maggie! I knew it would all work out!

Julie said...

I am so happy you decided to keep Maggie, I knew you couldn't give her away!! She deserves a happy home like yours and a happy sister like Leia. You better think of a new nickname though since she lost that 2nd butt.

pseudored2 said...

Happy GOtacha Day Maggie! I hope to meet you someday, and I have lots of squirrels in my yard, want to come chase?