Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is it just me?

The Swanny household is located in north-central Illinois. It's not unusual for us to experience some strong weather systems in our neck of the woods. Today, the high was around 44 degrees this morning (check local listings) with temps expected to plummet to around 0 tonight. Strong winds, rain, and snow were all forecasted and they arrived as promised.

Despite a forty degree drop in the temperature, which is a tad unusual, the rest of this forecast is nothing new for our area during the winter. Jen and I have lived in Illinois for all but a few years of our lives, so we know what to expect when January and February roll around.

That being said, I don't understand how people in this area seem to be taken by complete surprise when a weather forecast like today comes along. Unless you've just relocated here from warmer climes, winter in Illinois is nothing new. Why does the slightest mention of wintry weather send people scambling for provisions like the national Threat Level was just raised to red?

I guess the movies have it right: if a mad scientist creates a weather-control device and makes it snow for a day, we're screwed. I just hope that I won't be the only one willing to brave half an inch of snow to stop the evil overlords.


zztopdog said...

Amen! We had 50 calls asking if classes were going to be cancelled!

pseudored2 said...

I hear ya! Here in WV it has been so long since I codl winter that when it gets down to 30 people start to complain and 1 inch of snow is worthy of big news...seriously?

The Mrs. said...

40 degree swing? Try 75 if you count the wind chill differential. BRRR!

I'm with you though. Buck up, people. In four months we'll be belly achin' about the massive heat and humidity.