Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new room for a big girl

After much prep work, moving of furniture, relocating of clothes, taping, and painting, Peanut's finally moved into her big sister room.

It took some work from Jen and I to convince Peanut that she should move into the bigger bedroom, and leave her first room behind. I think at first she didn't want the move to be because the baby was ousting her from her room. But she's awfully excited about being her new room.

Twice the size of her old room, and plenty of room to play.

We can tell the stress of moving, talking about the new baby, changing rooms at daycare (she's now in the 3's), and the shock of being back at school after spending 2 weeks home with Jen, are taking their toll a little bit. Hopefully the madness will be easing a bit in the weeks to come.

At least now she has tons of room for maxin' and relaxin'.


The Mrs. said...

So cute! I would have died for a room like that as a little girl. Looks good - I love the white trim & pink closet doors.

A room fit for a princess!

Jen said...

Just wait until she has her big girl bed too! She calls it her Big Sister room. She expected me to have the baby the day after she moved in!

pseudored2 said...

WHat an awesome room for a big sister! I have lots of work to do on the baby's room here, want to come down and help?