Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who knew that deer were so bouncy?

Our idea of Valentine's Day this year involved both of us working, Jen teaching yoga, and my hanging out with Peanut. So on Sunday, since Jen was experiencing a slight reprieve from her flu, we decided to hire a babysitter for Peanut and go out to eat.

It was getting towards dark and we had decided to take back-roads instead of the interstate to get to the restaurant. We were chatting about politics, or Peanut, or being sick, when we started catching up to the Mustang we'd been following. After a couple of turns in the road, passing a golf course and a former water park, I saw buck running towards the road, coming from my left and heading right towards the car ahead of us.

In a split second I thought, "Well we're not going to make our reservation because we'll have to stop to see if these people need help we'll have to wait for the police, EMTs, and tow truck for this car not to mention seeing the damage done to the deer who clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time!"

Much to our surprise, as the driver of the Mustang skidded to a stop, the deer bounded over the car. Let me restate that: the deer leaped and cleared the roof of the car. Not the hood, the roof.

Kind of like this, only higher.

It's certainly one of the top ten things I've ever seen. Have you ever had/seen a close call that you were still thinking about days, months, years later?


Jen said...

Good thing that Swanny knew where his valentine was on sweetie's day...I was at parent/teacher conferences/annual reviews--not teaching yoga, but "whatever." It was pretty crazy to see that Mr. Deer leap over the top of the car ahead of us...good thing they didn'g have an SUV or they would have had deer knees come through the side windows! I was glad to see Mr. Deer land/wipe out then run off without so much as a limp from a twisted hoof.

Swanny said...

Yeah, sorry for the inaccruacy. I'm so used to Thursday night being yoga nights, I forgot all about parent/teacher conferences.

The Mrs. said...
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The Mrs. said...

Hmmm. The deer in Grundy County aren't nearly as agile. Just ask The General. Or better yet, just ask the front fender/passenger side door of The Rocket.

pseudored2 said...

Holy Sh#t! We hit a deer a few years ago, in my in-laws car...not fun!