Monday, February 4, 2008

The Write Stuff

Chicago. One of my favorite cities and home to some great people, shopping, music, art, and writing. It this last that had drawn me to the Windy City on Saturday. This weekend Chicago played host to Love is Murder, a conference for mystery/thriller writes, publishers, and fans of the genre.

I hadn't heard of LIM until J.A. Konrath suggested that Jen and I should attend. Despite my meager offerings here, writing is something that I had pursued in my early 20's. Of course by pursued, I mean I'd written things that I was too embarrassed to even show myself, so never really gave it a good go.

With the thought in mind that attending might help jumpstart the writing process for me again (or at least help me write a better blog), I decided to see what the fuss was about.

Konrath said that I'd have a good time and he was right. Lots of fun panels to listen to (along with some snoozers), setting me up with some great tips and insights into the publishing world. I got to hang out with some authors that I already know, like Marcus Sakey, while meeting a few that I've been fans of for a while.

Like Barry Eisler.

Yes, ladies. He's a handsome man. But dammit, I'm taller!

Also for the ladies: a poorly timed pic of Mr. Eisler's hind quarters. I tried to take this picture for J.A.'s wife, but I was too slow. That's what I get for having the camera turned off when a woman tells me, "Quick! Take the picture!" while the man is bending over. Sorry Maria.

As it turns out, it's a pretty good picture of Robert Walker's ass.

I also got to meet Lee Child.

Sadly, Lee is taller than me. Even so, his Jack Reacher series is fantastic.

Certainly the highlight of the day was Saturday night's "Stump the Stars" hosted by J.A. Konrath. The authors on the panel were asked trivia-style questions about their books. Incorrect answers earned them some of the famous Konrath sarcasm and wit. Correct answers earned them points. Along with some of the famous Konrath sarcasm and wit.

From L-R: Tess Gerritsen, William Kent-Krueger, Lee Child, Carolyn Haines, and Barry Eisler. (Yes, handsome, I get it.)

*I was also lucky enough to meet Ann Voss Peterson, Tasha Alexander, Raymond Benson, Jon and Ruth Jordan, Martel Sardina, and Tom Schrek. Admittedly, I haven't read all of their stuff, but they were fun to talk to. I apologize to anyone I may have forgotten.

Love is Murder 2008. I had a great time. When do I tell Jen that I'm going back next year?

*updated 2-5-08


zztopdog said...

OMG! I so envy you! If they do that again (is it an annual thing?), I'd love to go!!!

Ann Voss Peterson said...

It was great meeting you at LIM! A terrific conference to be sure.

I love the dog photo!

The Mrs. said...

Judging from our talk yesterday afternoon, I'd say you should mention your attendance at next year's conference sometime mid-2010.