Friday, June 6, 2008

The Drama of Being 3

I'm realizing how much drama goes in to being a 3 year old. I'm going to share with you 2 exchanges we've had in our house in the past few days....2 of many actually.

The scene:
Peanut is sobbing on her bed about 10 minutes after Swanny and I put her down for the night. I enter the room.

Jen: Peanut, why are you crying?
Peanut: Because you broke my heart mommy.
Jen: How did I break your heart Peanut?
Peanut: You broke my heart because you said a bad word to me.
Jen: What bad word did I say to you?
Peanut: You told me that I had to go to sleep and I am not sleepy.
Jen: Peanut, that is not a bad word. I'm sorry you didn't want me to say that you had to go to sleep but it is bed time.

The scene fades and we fast forward to this morning. We were in the process of getting ready to go get some pancakes at the HiWay. I emerge from our downstairs bathroom to find Swanny and Swanny Jr. but no Peanut.

Jen: Where's Peanut?
Swanny: She stormed up to her room because I made her mad.
--I enter Peanut's room, where she is hiding under her pillow and blankets.
Jen: Peanut, what's the matter?
Peanut: Daddy broke my heart.
Jen: How did Daddy break your heart?
Peanut: He said a bad word to me.
Jen: Did he really say a bad word to you or did he just tell you something you didn't want to hear?
Peanut: He told me something I didn't want to hear. He said I couldn't have another baby wipe!
(She's been fascinated with baby wipes ever since Swanny Jr. arrived--she wipes down her hands, her legs, her face and then proceeds to squeeze out the liquid from the wipe on anything she can find from the lid of her cup to the face of her baby brother.)
I just love that at the ripe old age of 3, when we tell her such simple things we're breaking her heart...I wonder what 13 will bring.
I tell ya, it's hard work being 3.


zztopdog said...

Poor little sweetheart! Life at 3 is filled with frustrations! Give her a hug from us, and remind her how much her grammys love her.

The Mrs. said...

Boy, she's really working that broken heart angle isn't she? There's nothing quite as dramatic as the mood swings of a three year old. All signs point to smoother sailing in the fourth year (so far, anyway!).