Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You are cordially invited...

Well, I know you've all been waiting for it, the day has arrived. Peanut informed me this morning that she is getting married today.

She announced that the nuptials will take place after her "bright nap" (the nap she takes during the day--or pretends to--is her "bright nap, bed-time at night is her "dark nap"). When asked who she is marrying, she said without hesitation the Dude. She went on to invite everyone from her Grammies, her Grandpas, her cousins and Aunties, to me and Swanny and of course Swanny Jr. She then considered and said, maybe instead I'll marry my Daddy today, no back to the Dude and maybe when he gets bigger her baby brother...when do I have to explain to her how these things work?
I asked her if the Dude's family could come to the wedding and she was very excited about HP, Rikki, Starchy and Yamma and the rest of the Crew. Then she realized--if the wedding takes place after her nap (which by the way, she is NOT taking right now--just singing in her bed), her Daddy will have to miss the ceremony. Her words exactly, "It would break my heart if Daddy is not there!"
We've decided to change the time of the blessed event to after dinner instead. Peanut even showed me how she will dance at the reception.

It promises to be quite the event, if she makes it there. The antics of nap avoidance today may cause her to miss it because she will be soooooooooooo tired.

Perhaps instead she can just wear her beautiful dress and veil and keep reading stories to her little brother.


zztopdog said...

Too cute! You'll have to let us know how it goes!
Love to all!

Swanny said...

Dammit, I'm not listening to or discussing this!

Rikki said...

That is THEE cutest thing I have ever seen! Peanut looks gorgeous in her dress. I am sure that The Dude would love to take part in a wedding (sorry Swanny) as long as he can karate chop down the aisle.

This will be a fun reflection post when the kids are in high school! :)

The Mrs. said...

Definitely the most beautiful three year old bride I've ever seen.

Shortcake's got a dress too, in case she needs a flower girl!

Swanny said...

(with fingers lodged firmly in ears) I can't hear you! I'm not listening! LA LA LA!