Tuesday, July 22, 2008

By the Numbers

2: Pigtails as requested daily by Peanut

8: Weeks left of my maternity leave (whooooopeeeee!!)

4: Weeks until school starts for my poor co-workers not on maternity leave (Sorry, Mrs.!)

6: Accessories required to be a ballerina princess

15-3: As in pounds and ounces Swanny Jr. weighed in at yesterday at his 2 month Dr visit

10: Days until my sister is here from Idaho! :)

100: The approximate number of times Peanut has been swimming so far this summer

3: Shots Swanny Jr. received yesterday at his doctor's appointment

12: The number of crabby hours Swanny Jr had as a result of said shots

0: Tomatoes on my plants as yet

10: Minutes long our yoga demonstration is so far --it needs to be more like 30 and is to be done during Ottawa's Riverfest next Saturday-- YIKES.

31: Candles that are missing from the cake Peanut made for Bubba's birthday today

9: Weeks old this baby will be tomorrow!

51: Pages left in my book--it's a good one! Pick it up!!

2: Children napping in our house right now!


The Mrs. said...

Yay for dual napping children, boo for 4 weeks left until school starts. I was just thinking today how lonely I'm going to be at CCES all by myself this year! =(

Cute post, Jen!

Swanny said...

1: number of crabby husbands in our house who's sorry he's been kind of a bitch the last few days.

Rikki said...

Great post!

Swanny Jr is just plain cuteness! I am REALLY looking forward to getting to know him.

jen said...

Don't worry Swanny. I'd be crabby too if I was working 5 days a week while the rest of my family got to lounge and play! We love you anyway. :)