Saturday, August 23, 2008

Birthday Wishes

On this the 32nd observation of Greg-mas, I present:

32 Reasons I love Swanny:

1. Emily Renee
2. Adam Jeffrey
3. Midnight releases of the can't wait movies--Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones....
4. Ben & Jerry's while we watch TV
5. All of those visits to Whitey's when I worked there
6. Reading books together
7. Trips to Disney world
8. Your obscene love of chocolate milk
9. The way you smell new shoes
10. Only buying new shoes that have NEVER been tried on, even if it's by you
11. The alarm clock is never set to an on the nose time such as 6:00 or 7:00--try 6:04
12. Your (sad) love of the bears
13. Your (surprising) respect of the Packers
14. Your sense of humor--A bear and a rabbit are taking a sh** in the woods....(Swanny can tell you the rest)
15. You know EVERY song
16. Playing Mario Kart with you
17. The book habit--seriously we have our own library
18. All of those visits you made to Mizzou
19. Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog
20. Kicking your butt at Rummy
21. The Love we share of Football
22. Sharks
23. Your love of Michael Jordan--good thing there's room in the marriage for both of us
24. You grill the best steak I have ever eaten in my life
25. Guitar Hero
26. The way you talk to the doggies--our big sweeties
27. You have a movie quote for EVERYTHING
28. When you eat pie, it's on the side of all of the cool whip
29. We laugh, A LOT
30. You are an AMAZING father
31 Your love of Leinies
32. You are such a wonderful friend to me--I wouldn't want to be on this adventure of "life" without you!!

Happy Birthday honey. I love you!


zztopdog said...

What a wonderful post! Happy birthday, Honey. Check out zztopdog for additional bday wishes.

The Mrs. said...

Happy 32nd Birthday, Swanny! Good thing you have a much younger co-owner to help you out with those senior moments you might encounter during Saturday's draft! =)

In all seriousness, we at OCH hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Awww, that was sweet Jen !
Happy Birthday Greg !