Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This past weekend was so packed with activities for our family, that it's taken three days to unwind and take stock of everything we did.

Friday found Jen, Peanut, and Swanny Jr. playing with Jen's sister, Auntie, (in town from Idaho) while I trundled off to work. While the rest of the family basked in each other's company, I was at the bookstore preparing for the year's biggest release (celebrated with a midnight release party).

On Saturday, Auntie, Peanut, Swanny Jr., and I made our way downtown to partake in the farmer's market and watch Jen and some other teachers give a yoga demonstration as part of Ottawa's annual Riverfest.

Later that day, the whole clan traveled to Fulton for a visit with Peanut and SJ's Grandpa Ron and Grandma Jodi. We had fun playing (and napping) and grandpa's house, but the fun was just starting. Ron and Jodi had reserved a corporate suite at Modern Woodman Park (formerly John O'Donnell Stadium) so we all got a chance to watch the Quad Cities Riverbandits in comfort and style. The free food (and beer) and great seats were a huge selling point in getting us to the game, since baseball isn't our favorite sport (I can smell the football season right around the corner).

On Sunday, my family (with Auntie meeting us later) headed back home, where we met Grammy Pam for lunch and saw her off on her trip to Ann Arbor, MI. That evening, we took the kids down the Riverfest carnival so Peanut could ride the rides. Of course, the only one she wanted to ride was the ginormous slide.

It's weekends like this that make us look forward to the start of the week so we can get some rest.

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