Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The five best words I've heard in a while...

"It's only Inflammatory Bowel Disease."

Yes, based on lab results of the biopsies that were removed from Leia's stomach, bowel, colon, and a lymph node, our big sweetie does not have lymphoma. We finally got the word from the vet this afternoon. Now we just wait to see what our course of treatment is. There was talk of a diet change and steroids. Should be interesting.

All we know is that we're thrilled that our girl should be with us for a good long while.

Thought you all should know. We'll keep you up to date on our progress. Photos of a Barry Bonds type dog may be right around the corner.


Rikki said...

Such happy news! Good stuff!

Now you can rest easy (well...once your boss' boss leaves town!) ;).

Anonymous said...

Thank God !! I am soooooo glad she's ok (you know I think of all dogs as my own too).


Anonymous said...

Yeh. I am so happy for all of you!!

Debbie W.

zztopdog said...

Wonderful news!!!