Saturday, November 15, 2008

A thickened colon's hardly ever a good thing, right?

A thickened stomach, colon, and... bowel? Maybe? I'm not too sure on that last one, but either way, it doesn't sound great. Here's where I'd normally say something along the lines of how this was a description of a post-mexican meal-gone-wrong, and make some fart and shit jokes, but sadly, it's not the case.

After months of scratching our heads and consulting with the doctors to figure out what's going on with her, we finally took Leia in to the vet for some exploratory surgury. The opening sentence up there, is what the vet told us after the surgury was complete. Oh, but add in a slightly enlarged lymph node. The good news is that, despite the vets leaning towards lymphoma as a diagnosis, it wasn't clearly evident that that's what's going on inside our puppy.

Despite an unusually sober mood around the house the last couple of days, we're trying to keep Leia comfortable now that she's post-op. It's a great thing that all she needs is a tennis ball to put a smile on her face. Throw that ball into the other room, and she takes off after it like she's only 2 years old.

She's still our big sweetie. Now, we'll see what happens.


zztopdog said...

Well, you don't have nay bad news yet; so there's still hope! Keep her happy and comfortable, and enjoy her to the fullest.
Love to all.

Anonymous said...

When do we find anything out ? I will keep you all in my prayers !!!


jen said...

No news yet...the vet's been patient with us calling every day since she's come home. They'll let us know when they find something out...

Rikki said...

Your guys (and your "first" baby) are in my thoughts.