Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tissues, huh? I Never Made the Connection

Peanut and nap time are a hit and miss situation....Rikki can give an Amen to that. Some days she passes right out, others she'll keep herself ticking by flopping around or trying to engage you in conversation. At roughly 1:30 this afternoon, Peanut was deposited to her bed, story read, and Christmas tree lit in her room. Swanny Jr. followed suit and was sleeping before 2.

Ahhhh. You can hear mommy's sigh at the thought of an hour or if I'm **lucky** two hours of kid free time to get some sh-- done! I had just settled in, Bears game on, laptop in hand to type a couple of Early Intervention evaluations that have been calling my name, when I hear, "Mommy!".

I go upstairs to find Peanut holding an ornament sitting on her bed-side table. "Don't forget," she says to me, "that you need to bring a hook up here to put this ornament on my tree".
"Thanks Peanut," I say. "Now lay down and take your nap."

Back to work. I hear a bump upstairs and return to peek in on Peanut, who is now standing on her bed, looking into her mirror (that says "The Princess Sleeps Here") and carrying out some dramatic play scenario. "Peanut--time to rest. Lay down, or I'll have to unplug your Christmas tree and turn off your sleeping music."
"Okay Mommy," she says.

Back to work, again. About 10 minutes later, she hollers for me. Again, back up to her room. "What is it Peanut?"
"Well," she starts, "there are some yuckies on my bed." With this she gestures to the bars that make the headboard of her bed.

"Well we'll deal with the yuckies after your nap. You are supposed to be resting right now," was my automatic response without really looking at the so-called, "yuckies." Upon my glance at the blemish on the bed frame, it really caught my attention. I entered the room and saw (to my horror) what looked to be (sorry to gross you out) some snot and a medium sized booger.

"What is this?!" I ask.

"Well," says Peanut studying the mess on the bed rail, "I think that someone may have wiped their boogers on my bed!"

I then ask with as much calm as I could muster (though disgusted, I saw the humor), "Who do you think may have done that?"

Peanut, bringing her finger to tap on her cheek in a pondering fashion, then says, "Well, I think it was me." She points to herself as she confesses, just to be clear.

A discussion followed about why there is a box of tissues next to her bed and what proper booger-ridding-procedure is in our house.

She never did nap.


Swanny said...

Thanks Mr. Obvious, you're a life-saver.

Chervenka5 said...

Sounds like naptime around here! Tyler goes down without a peep, but Caleb is totally unpredictable. I am not willing to say goodbye to naptime!

Rikki said...

That is hilarious! I can just see her "thinking" about who left the boogers on the headboard. At least the girl is honest, right?

That is a classic story. Thanks for sharing!

zztopdog said...

Such a fun and clever girl! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think Greg owes you a BIG one for that !! And I agree with Rikki, at least she was honest.

Becky said...

Yup, we've got one of those in our on the wall boogie wiper kid....on a textured wall no less which will need to be chiseled off before we ever sell the place and re-painted. ewwww.....

The Mrs. said...

I love those finger to the cheek/chin pondering moments. Shortcake said goodbye to nap time long ago. I'm still grieving.