Sunday, March 1, 2009

He's much taller in person.

On Friday, Jen and I went to Davenport, Iowa to attend the standup comedy extravaganza that is the "Bob and Tom Comedy All-Stars Tour". The shows usually feature five or six comedians and are hosted by one the on-air personalities from the Bob and Tom Show.

Friday night's show featured Patty Vasquez, Scott Dunn, Greg Warren, Donnie Baker, Bob Zany, Tim Wilson, and was hosted by media darling Chick Mcgee. Every comic was funny, some more so than others, but for me, it was Chick who made the whole show.

Chick has long been my favorite member of the radio show, so I was eagerly anticipating seeing him on stage. Even though he had to deal with a somewhat unruly crowd, Chick held himself together (as well as one could expect from the Chickster) and delivered some hilarious moments throughout the evening.

After the show all the performers were selling their merchandise in the lobby of the theatre. Jen and I made our way over to one of the tables and I was finally able to meet one of my heroes.

Although, anybody who listens to the show knows that "hero" might be too strong a word.


jen said...

I'm surprised you didn't tell him you were a long-time listener, first time caller, I mean attender.

Rikki said...

Glad the two of you had a fun date night out! All of the kids I care for have parents who meet famous people. Kane meeting Jimmy Carter and Robin Williams, you meeting Chick McGee. ;)

Swanny said...

Holy hell. How bad do I look in that pic? That gotta be in the top seven worst pictures of me.

Swanny said...

Also, Rikki, don't forget that I've also met Jimmy Pardo, Mike Birbiglia, Greg Warren, Augie Smith, Barry Eisler, J.A. Konrath, and I once walked past Jackie Mason downtown Chicago.