Saturday, March 28, 2009


The Tigers are taking on U-Conn right now hoping to earn a place in the NCAA Tournament Final Four.

Swanny Jr. has been practicing his ball handling skills.

He and I are cheering them on.  (Peanut would be too, but she decided to take a nap today)

Go Mizzou!


Swanny said...

I was really hoping Mizzou would pull it out. Oh well, you and Swanny Jr did your best.

zztopdog said...

Poor Mizzou! I'm sure they didn't have any cuter cheerleaders than you two! ;)

Rikki said...

You guys have some good team spirit! :)

Mizzou is going to the final four in 2010! Rah-rah for NEXT year! ;)

The Mrs. said...

I picked them to win just for you, Jen. Apparently Missouri lets me down when I need them most just like the Big Ten. Maybe next year!