Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting caught up.

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, and last week's single photo post of Penny was kind of a cop-out.  I apologize to everyone who checks in with us.  I just haven't been feeling it lately.  Between craziness with Jen's work schedule, lots of things going on at work for me, a new dog who's requiring time and attention to train and thoroughly house-break, both kids doing new things on an almost daily basis, I've been a bit preoccupied.

That said, let's get caught up shall we?

Penny joined our family on Monday April 13th.  She's been a breath of fresh air in a house that was missing the presence of a boisterous Boxer.  She's mostly made friends with Maggie and the sight of them playing, racing and mouthing each other is a bit unusual.  Mainly, because if either Maggie or Leia tried to start playing, it became a fight-starter.  Having a couple of pups who can get along and play is a beautiful thing.  

Peanut loves Penny.  That first night she said, "Penny, you can sleep in my bed tonight if you want."  WOW.  As much as she loved Leia and loves Maggie, if either of them tried getting on Peanut's bed, she'd have a fit.  We haven't had a night where Penny has actually slept in there, but I have a feeling it won't be far down the road.

Swanny Jr. is still warming up to the new pup.  He's not quite sure whether he loves her or finds her to be a source of constant irritation.  A couple days after Penny came home, I was in the kitchen when I heard a "mwaa, mwaa, mwaa," coming from the living room.  When I looked in, I found Swanny Jr. sitting on the floor trying to push Penny's head away to stop her from licking his face.  He usually crawls over to her and pats her head or belly, but it can quickly turn into him baby-slapping her if we're not keeping an eye out.  Thankfully, boxers are very tolerant dogs.

In other news, if anyone has seen our sweet, easy-going, laughing little Peanut, could you bring her back to us?  The whiny, intolerant, sassy, at times belligerent little Peanut who's staying with us right now has worn out her welcome.  Man oh man, the dominant four year old has reared it's ugly head.  Let's see what's been happening here:

1 second attention span?  Check.
Hair-trigger temper?  Check.
Whiny, worse-than-fingernails-on-a-chalkboard, voice?  Check.
Pouting scowl that'll melt your face?  Check.

For the last week and a half or so, Jen and I have been battling Peanut's inner four-year-old.  Maybe you know how it goes; everything seems to be a battle of wills, her ability to attend to tasks has been drastically reduced, we have to repeat ourselves upwards of 3, 4, 5 times.  

I love that little girl and I'd do anything for her, but I'm tired of fighting with her.  I'm sure it's a phase and that once summer break comes and things calm down in all our lives, she'll start to level out.  Please let that be so.  

Swanny Jr. is cruising around on everything.  He's also starting to stand unsupported and I'm sure we'll be seeing him walking sometime soon.  As a public service, we'll let you know when it happens so you plenty of time to lock up your valuables.  Nothing will be safe.

So that's our life lately.  I'm sure I've left some things out in my haste to post before work, but Jen'll be along to post about anything I've forgotten.  From now on, I'll try to be more diligent in staying up to date.  

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Good job Greg! I am SO glad that Maggie and Penny are getting along and actually like playing with each other. I am really happy for Maggie. Sorry to hear about Emily's recent attitude, but you know it will be off and on for the next 14 years, don't you? And yes, keep us posted on Adam's progress. Jen, what are you doing Sat morning - say mid-late morning? I was going to drag Michele with and may attend her core class which gets over about 10, Michele time.


jen said...

The trainer is coming for the dog at 9 but we should be done by 10 if you guys want to stop by!

Anonymous said...

OK, I will check with Michele and we will let you know.