Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is Anybody Listening?

The Superintendent of one of the school districts that I service has started a blog.  He's a pretty proactive person and is doing all he can to utilize technology to allow the parents, public and his staff to understand the workings of his district.  This includes a blog, video streaming school board meetings and making his "note from the superintendent" available via podcast.  He's a good administrator and I have come to appreciate what he does for the district I service. 
Like most everything else in the world, education is not untouched by the current economic situation.  In a blog recently, said superintendent referenced a 20/20 piece that commented on the effect of the struggling economy on children.  I found it to be quite a moving piece myself.  I know you're busy, but take time to follow the link to the video.  It's about 9 minutes long (after a 30 second commercial), but worth it.  I have to say, I love the role our President plays in this.  I actually cried at that part of the video.
I personally know how the financial climate effects my family and to some extent effects some in my community.  This piece has made me think differently about my kids at school might be going home to and what's really going on in the trenches of this country.  

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