Thursday, May 7, 2009

Go Cubs Go

As some of you may remember, I took part in an event in March called the Polar Plunge. A team was organized by some folks I work with and we raised a crazy amount of money to jump into a very cold lake the first weekend of March. The funds we raised benefited Special Olympics Illinois. We raised about $20,000.00 (you can pick your jaw up off of the floor), which was the most raised by a team in the state. Our team was so happy to partake in this event and support the athletes who participate in Special Olympics.

Our team was thrilled when we also found out that we had won a trip to Beyond the Ivy, a business offering viewing of a Cubs game from roof top bleachers complete with food and drink and merriment. As every member of our team is a teacher, aide or therapist in the schools, you can imagine how, at this time of year we were all needing a little stress-reliever and getaway.

The Party Bus departed on Sunday morning. The bus ride was a riot. Beer, mimosas, bloody marys and marinated cherries flowed freely (especially after the jar of cherries was spilled and they along with their "juice" ran along the main aisle). 

We enjoyed pre-game festivities and drinks at Murphy's....

then made our way to the rooftop of 1010 Waveland.

The place was beautiful. The view was good. The company was a hoot. The beer and food was free. Yay! 

And just a side note, I take self-portraits with people when cameras and beer are around.

It was such a fun time. Just what I needed to get through the last few weeks of school with these fine ladies. We're looking forward to plunging again next year for Special Olympics and maybe having another fun field trip together!


Becky said...

FUN!!!! I LOVE the beer inspired self portraits w/friends....LOL!!!!!! I think you may have missed a few people from your group though!! LOL!!! OH! and 20 THOUSAND??!!??!! You all ROCK!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!

The Mrs. said...

I'm a self-portrait person when in the vicinity of adult beverages myself. Looks like you had a great time, and it was a well deserved trip!