Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long Time Gone

So, in effort to get myself beyond the guilt of not dutifully documenting our children's milestones this past week, you'll have to indulge me in a lengthy catch up post.

First things first, I have to honor the birthday boy, Swanny Jr.--the big one year old.

To my dear sweet little boy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Your mommy has so enjoyed watching you grow and change this year.  I love that you wake up with a smile, you fall asleep snuggling, and you're just a little ball of laughs all day long.  Your personality has started to emerge, fun loving like your daddy, but quick tempered like mommy, what a combo!  So, to a handsome and cuddly little guy, Happy Birthday.  I love you sir.
On his birthday, we took Swanny Jr (and Peanut of course) out for pizza, then dove into some present opening fun.

The Superman Shake & Go car was by far his favorite gift.

Peanut has been a dancing queen day and night it seems.

 It started with technical rehearsal a week ago Saturday, then dress rehearsal last monday and then recitals Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  What a performance it was.  

Peanut and her friends did the best interpretation of the Old Woman in the Shoe you'll ever see, complete with somersaults, cartwheels, and plies.  She smiled big and took her bow proudly, then skipped off stage waving to was precious.

I don't know if she was more excited about dancing on stage or  the lipstick and french braids she sported for 3 days straight.

Now 3 months break from dance, then she'll jump back in to weekly lessons again. 

Swanny Jr. has gotten his first hair cut.  I noticed a few weeks ago just how much the wind was blowing his hair and thought to myself, should a boy's hair be long enough to move that much in the breeze?  Then I started noticing how much it looked like he had a baby comb-over.  It had to go.  Swanny took the little man on his birthday to have his locks trimmed up.
Baby boy before:

Little boy after:

Peanut also had pre-school graduation last week.  True, she has one more year of preschool before kindergarten, but all of the pre-school classes participated by singing songs for all of the proud parents.
Peanut's class (including her best-bud H.P.) sang quite a tune about going fishing on a bright and sunny day where the fishies have their hands in their pockets and their pockets in their was a hoot.

Here is the proud pre-schooler herself.


Then there was Swanny Jr.'s birthday party, which directly followed Peanut's final dance recital Sunday.  It was a fun out-doors celebration complete with present opening

butterfly catching

and cake

Boy did he love that cake.

 He licked the plate when he was done then put the plate on top of his head.


As all of these big events have gone by at the speed of light, I've been trying to tap into my inner yogi, the one that tells me to live in the moment, be present with yourself and others and enjoy things as they unfold instead of worrying about what's coming next.  I have tried to take time to reflect and be grateful that I have a beautiful family with whom I can enjoy all of these little firsts.  And while part of me is sad as the "firsts" are over, another part of me remembers that the next new adventure is just waiting for us.



Anonymous said...

It's nice to see all the happenings that have went on and how they have grown. And I LOVE the new main page pic. Penny looks like she has grown.


Becky said...

"be present with yourself and others and enjoy things as they unfold instead of worrying about what's coming next." I need that taped up on my fridge!!!! THANKS!

I LOVE the plate on head picture!!!!! And don't worry momma, there are still lots of firsts to come....but for now, enjoy today and keep counting those blessings!!! :)

zztopdog said...

Wonderful pix! Both kids are so cute and precious!

pseudored2 said...

Wow what a busy time that you have had! I can not believe the kids are getting so big! They are growing up so fast!!! Thanks for the awesome update! We are coming into town later this summer and we must get together, we can stop by on the way in between both families!