Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just another day in the Swanny House

SWANNY JR: We've known that Swanny Jr. loves his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He decided today that he would love his sandwich even more if he wiped his PB&J'd up hands all through his hair. He'd do it and laugh and look at me with the darn sweetest face too. It took 3 wipe downs with paper towels, wipes and washcloths to get all of the peanut butter off of him. Hiding places included his hair, behind his ear, his eyelashes and between EVERY. FINGER. ON. HIS. HANDS. He smelled of peanut butter all day long--good thing none of us are allergic, we would have been in anaphylactic shock just taking a whiff of him. Despite my cleaning efforts, he looked all day as though he were sporting the world's best hair product--his hair sure had plenty of body!

He proceeded to do the same thing this evening with his turkey and rice couscous and carrots...again with the same smile and laugh. It was only slightly less cute this time.

PEANUT: It was naptime and Peanut was living up her last 15 minutes before story and bed by playing dress up in her room while I put Swanny Jr. down for his afternoon nap. I see a flash of fairy wings and hear the click-clack of high heels in the bathroom. I hear nothing for a minute or so and figure Peanut is taking care of business--then I hear the rustling, the clink and more rustling. I quietly call to her to find out if she's OK (with a drifting Swanny Jr. cradled in my arms).  She shuffles out of the bathroom with a roll of toilet paper in one hand and the toilet paper holder, tries to explain what happened, and finally just ends up saying, "I have no idea how to fix this."  Did I mention, she looked JUST like this:

only change out the wand for the aforementioned toilet paper and add underpants around the ankles.

My kids crack me up.


Swanny said...

This is what you do all day while I'm at work? What the F is going on around here? These kids are too funny.

Anonymous said...

Well at least she didn't leave anyone high and dry !