Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So that's how you spell "meshugenah"

Being a bookseller has its advantages. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and become friends with a few authors who are willing to send ARCs (advanced reading copies) of their books to my house so that I can read and review them well in advance of their release dates. As it turns out, being a blogger is pretty cool too.

One of my favorite blogs is Danny Evans’ Dad Gone Mad. Danny is the kind of blogger/writer I wanted to be: funny, crude, smart, and funny. As hell. His post “10 Minutes and a Cloud of Smoke” was the first I had read. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Last year, when Swanny Jr. was born, I was thrilled to discover that Uncle Danny had commented on my post detailing the little man’s birth. He’d reached out to little ol’ us and it was a great touch to an already fantastic day.

About a month ago, I commented on one of DGM’s posts regarding his forthcoming book. Figuring there was no way in hell I’d get my hands on it (but it doesn’t hurt to ask), I stated that I was a bookseller, I wanted to read the book, and I thought I could sell a bunch of it in my store. After a couple of emails back on forth, I had “Rage Against the Meshugenah” in my hot little hands. Very cool.

“Rage” is Danny’s memoir about his descent into the depths of clinical depression. It’s brutally honest, absolutely heartbreaking, and often hilarious. More importantly, it sheds a much needed light on the topic of clinical depression in men. A topic near and dear to my heart.

Given the taboo nature of depression (especially in men), it’s something that few people will/can admit to. Too many people suffer from it and not enough get the help they need. Sadly, depression and anxiety both seem to run in my family. Kind of like the Skywalkers and the Force. Different family members have dealt with it in different ways. Some healthy, some not, some not at all.

While reading Danny’s book, I found myself examining my life and I was surprised with how much this book spoke to me. I knew that I would like the book, but I didn’t realize how much I would identify with it. Thankfully, I’ve not had to overcome a near crippling depression like Danny, but I can tell that there have been times in my life when that tag team of Depression and Anxiety have been crouched, ready to drag me down. (to the people who knew me in high school, I’m sorry)

With such on important topic, the best thing that could happen with this book, would be for everybody to read it and realize that depression is not just a way for people to hide from reality. It’s a brutal disease that has not gotten the attention it deserves.

Of course, the second best thing would be that Danny makes seven figures in sales. It comes out in July and I know where you’ll be able to buy a few copies.


mrs.notouching said...

Agreed - let's make Danny filthy rich!

jenB said...

Great post, all signs point to Danny being awesome. :-) I am also a member of the anxiety and depression club. I would gladly have my membership revoked. Peace to you.

Nibblet's Mom said...

You better believe I'll be buying several copies. Danny Evans in brilliant, funny, and well...what else is there to say.

zztopdog said...

Excellent post, Greg! I'll certainly want a copy!

sharon said...

Danny shared this with me. Thanks for your support!

The Pink Cupcake said...

Excellent post... clinical depression is so often misdiagnosed in men, as they often manifest different symptoms than women. I'll have to look this book up!