Thursday, June 25, 2009

Starting with the Man in the Mirror


Anonymous said...

So sad losing Michael Jackson. He may have been a bit odd at times, but he started it all and there will never be another !!


jen said...

I think what Michael Jackson can teach us with his passing is first of all an appreciation for his musical talent and artistry as well as his talent as a dancer and entertainer. But especially with regards to his life in the most recent years, what a truly troubled soul he was and how none of those around him seemed to be able to help him find help or peace for himself. I guess a part of me always hoped that he would be able to find healing in some way for all of the odd behavior that was so evident of someone who really was not fully in touch with his needs and with reality. I was so young when Thriller came out (about 4...) but can vividly remember watching Billie Jean and Thriller both on MTV (what were my parents doing letting me watch that?!) :) His music lives on....I'm glad we are left with some of the better pieces of this gifted but troubled man.