Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Update Volume 5

Swanny Jr. and Peanut were getting ready for the Pro Bowl today.

Swanny Jr. received a very cool football gift from Grandpa and Grandma for Christmas and the kids really got into tonight.

You put the football in the top

press the lever down,

and it snaps the ball to you.

Then you're set to pass it like Payton Manning or Drew Brees.

The kids had fun with it tonight.

Swanny Jr. caught the ball a few times with my help, but on the occasion he resisted assistance, the ball typically hit him right in the forehead.

He then took to pressing the lever and stepping to the side, letting Peanut field the ball.

Peanut became quite good at catching the ball. She would then proclaim, "She scores!" and dance around like Ickey Woods.

Too bad the video was too dark to post. What a fun time.