Wednesday, April 7, 2010

*Has* he learned anything?

Saw this new Nike ad causing a little stir on interweb. Over an image of a remorseful looking Woods, we hear the (I assume) digitally replicated voice of Earl Woods, Tiger's late father. On one hand, it plays as Nike standing behind one their athletes, encouraging him to examine both the life he has chosen to lead and those he has hurt with the choices he made.

On the other hand, it looks like Nike trying to make some dough off of Tiger's return to competition this weekend. As with most things in advertising, the truth is most likely somewhere in the middle.

Let me say this: I don't know Tiger Woods. I don't know anyone involved with the whole sorry, horrible mess. Do I think he's proven himself to be a horrible husband? Clearly. Do I think he's a bad father because of his actions? Maybe. It kind of depends on what impact this whole thing has had on his kids as well as what steps he's taken to make sure his kids are fine from here on out. Do I think (as others seem to) that Tiger's a terrible person because of his actions. I don't think so. Am I glad to see him back on the golf course doing what he does best? Absolutely.

When all of this broke into the news, I took a little bit of flack from people for continuing to wear my Nike Tiger Woods golf cap. As I pointed out to these people, my hat was a golf cap, not a "world's greatest dad/husband" hat. I'm not sure what's best for Tiger and his family on a personal level because, as I've said, I don't know them. But, personally, I think that Woods being back on the course is, if nothing else, great for golf and golf fans.

I'm not looking for validation or confirmation. Just wanted to share the ad, and say that I don't know what's right or wrong here; but with all the anger in the world, can't we wait and see how it all plays out? Maybe it will be a hollywood type ending for his family and the game he loves. Maybe it'll all go to shit and he'll lose everything.

Like I said before, it'll probably be somewhere in the middle.


Andy said...

Such a creepy video!

I don't think he's learned anything. He's just done what he's supposed to. None of those words come from his hearts.

Andy said...

*heart :)