Monday, February 7, 2011

Remember when I used to blog?

For all my new-year's-resolutioning and positive self-talk, I have fallen miserably short on my goals to keep this blog updated...if you couldn't tell.

I am checking back in though. Tapping myself back into the ring, but this time NOT promising any kind of consistency or regularity of updates. That pressure will just get me no where.

In case you were wondering though, here are some highlights of what we have been up to at Casa de Swanny:

1. I have now completed 3 of 12 classes that will lead me to my second college degree: a master of health sciences in occupational therapy through the University of Indianapolis. I'm loving it, although finding that my perfectionist streak has not gone away despite my best attempts to bury it below the surface.

2. Swanny is training for a half-marathon in April. I'm prouder of him for making the commitment to doing this than he knows. Just wish I could be there to see him run...I'll be on campus for my next grad school class that weekend.

3. Peanut is half way through kindergarten. She has lost 4 teeth, had 2 more sleep-over parties with friends, owns an iPod complete with speakers, and now talks about BFFs. (No joke, singing a song about BFFs in the shower tonight). I swear the child is 6 going on 16 some days. She has opted out of basketball this year, but is in full swing preparing for her dance recital in May and faithfully taking private swim lessons each week at the YMCA.

4. Swanny Jr has graduated to sleeping in a big boy bed--a full size twin that he looks just too small to be allowed in. This means that the crib that converts to toddler bed has exited the upstairs. That piece of furniture has been a fixture in this house for over 6 years. I was a little torn up to see it go. I'll be a mess when we paint the room this spring so that no traces of a baby's room are left....

5. Swanny Jr. is now wearing underwear all day long and staying dry (I said that last part in a whisper not to jinx us into regression). He is particular about picking them out himself each day--already has a pair of Thomas laid out for tomorrow. You'll find no feelings of nostalgia or sadness at not having to buy diapers anymore from this mommy.

6. Peanut can read. Watch out world, it's only a matter of time before she's in control of it all.

7. An amazing friend and co-worker of mine took the most beautiful pictures of our family over the summer at Starved Rock State Park. Every time I look at them I'm reminded how lucky I am to have such a special family.

8. Swanny Jr. has a "new" babysitter. His (and Peanut's) former sitter took advantage of an amazing opportunity to start a new job late last spring, and Swanny Jr. now goes to Ms. Frances while we work. I know he loves her because a) he calls me Ms. Frances sometimes on the weekend and b) she was the first one he wanted to show his new big boy bed to.

9. We had an invasion of super-heroes at Halloween. Word up, it's Word Girl! To infinity and beyond!

10. Swanny played comish and ran his own fantasy football league this year. I participated along with 8 other friends of ours. I was awarded the Toilet Bowl Award yesterday for finishing in last place. (Yes, that is a roll of toilet paper on my trophy). I was OK though since the Packers won the Super Bowl.

11. We still love our doggies.

12. Swanny demonstrated his temerity by taking on a Man Vs. Food challenge in Indianapolis on his way to a Monday Night Football adventure with a buddy.

13. I continue to serve our church in a leadership role--mainly feeling like I'm stumbling through, feeling my way in the dark. I am realizing though there are many things I'm learning about myself and about people in general. Going to try my best in the next 11 months that I have left to serve in this capacity to do the job faithfully, but to be sure I'm not short-changing my kids and husband in the process. I need to make sure it doesn't drain me of all the energy I have.

14. I am very much looking forward to going to see Les Miserables in Chicago next weekend with my husband and friends of ours.

15. I am aware that I need to make more time for things that are important to a well balanced life: time for family (the family that lives outside of my house as well as the children and husband I come home to every day), time for reading, time for yoga, and time for playing with my kids.

Oh, and I need to make more time for blogging.

No promises, but I'm going to try--what else can I do when all this snow is on the ground?!

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The Mrs. said...

None of this information was news to me, but it still makes me happy to see it. Welcome back! The blogging world just isn't the same without My Life with Dogs!