Thursday, June 14, 2007

Big Sweetie and Fat Pants

It's funny how we try not to humanize our dogs, but they still become real members of the family. Leia was the first addition to our family. She was born in October of 2002, and her birth "family" named her "Jedi". Jen and our friend Mrs. F (not to be confused with "themrs"), were traveling through time, and Mrs. F spotted a sign for Boxer puppies. They stopped and met the puppies. While holding another puppy, their owner showed "Jedi" to Jen. Upon hearing the name, Jen knew this was the dog for us (me being a "Star Wars" fan and all).

We picked her up on December 18th, and she whined the whole way home. Slowly, but surely, she made herself at home. She endured a name change, developed a healthy osession with tennis balls, answers to "Big Sweetie". Listeners to Bob & Tom will know what I'm talking about.

At the beginning of this year, we took in Maggie. She's kind of an anxious dog, but she's warming up nicely to everyone in the house. There were some rough spots at first between her and Leia, but we've been almost a month without a fight, so things are looking up.

She came to us a little overwieght, and after a scare that it might be Cushing's Disease, the vet determined that she just needed a specialized diet. At last, she's loosing the appearance of having a butt on top of her butt.

Having one dog was a blast, having two is turning into some kind of circus act.


Jen said...

A circus was our life even before children and pets, wouldn't you agree?? How many places did we move to/from in the few years before and right after we were married? Now, the circus is certainly more enjoyable and always unpredictable though! Emily yelled at both dogs today for (Leia) smelling the water in her pool and (Maggie) walking right into it before it filled! Siblings....

zztopdog said...

I think they're all sweeties! Great post!