Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ever said something in front of your child that maybe you shouldn't have? Such times make you hope (I hope she didn't here me say that), pray (please, please don't let her repeat that), and curse again (sonofa... Jen, is gonna kill me). Granted, this has only happened a couple of times, and nothing too serious was ever said. Like that time I said "dammit" and Peanut repeated it right away. As we were walking in the door to church.

These little exchanges are usually followed by Jen indignantly "hollering" at me about watching what I say in from of the child. But it's hilarious when Peanut repeats a slip that her mother makes. Naturally, I find this double standard tremendously unfair. So I bring you today's episode of the Copycat Monster.

Jen was on her way to yoga, and we were discussing how hot it was supposed to be today (check local listings). Jen said, It's already pretty freakin' hot out." So naturally, Peanut says, "Yeah, it is freakin' hot out."

Now, this isn't the first time this has happened to Jen, but as usual, she beat a hasty retreat before I could holler indignantly at her. By the time she comes back from yoga, all my thunder will have been lost, and I will likely have forgotten that it even happened.

In this respect, do husband get a raw deal? Or am I the only one who never gets to take advantage of the "mistakes" my wife makes in child rearing?


Jen said...

To be fair, freakin' isn't a curse word. I have yet to "holler indignantly" at you for Emy saying "sonuva"....and by the way father, "hollering indignantly" at your wife for her child-rearing practices is a right you must exercise at your own discretion. Please refrain from blaming anyone but your self for not exercising it more than you do.

Swanny said...


The Mrs. said...

We have yet to experience this at our house, and how we've made it three years without incident is beyond me. Given The General's work environment, he's got an arsenal of colorful language he utilizes on a daily basis. He's done an outstanding job of censoring his vocabulary since the wee ones have joined our household. Of course, it also probably helps that he makes sure all children are fast asleep before doing any home repairs, becuase otherwise all bets would be off.

I may have made the mistake of using the phrase "no way in hell" while on the phone yesterday afternoon. I think Shortcake was so engrossed in her Dragontails episode that she missed it, but I'm still holding my breath. I'm sure she'll pull it out tomorrow on Father's Day.

Grama: McKenna, do you want some green beans?
McKenna: No way in hell, G.

Bitchin' post today, Swanny.

zztopdog said...

F***!!! You both know whom you have to worry about most! ;)

zztopdog said...
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Swanny said...

Yes, it's true. No one throws the f-bomb around like my mother. She's an inspiration to us all.

Anonymous said...

ZZ started that when she was in her teens, and got sl;apped in the mouth once.


Anonymous said...

Swanny. I finally got control over this comment thing. I click annonymous, so you all will hear from me when you post.

I didn't know you were so smart.
good job, and so interesting.

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