Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Old school flavor, new school twist...

Just a quick note. My new shoes finally arrived. I'd been thinking for a while about getting a new pair of Chuck Taylor's, and decided recently to just do it (which is funny because Nike bought Converse a few years ago).

You remember chucks, right? Canvas shoes, rubber midsole/outsole, no support, but still comfortable. That being said, I can't understand how people wore these for professional sports back in the day. Even though they're brand new, there's just something familiar about slipping these shoes on.

Also, I can feel like I'm contributing to the world around me. These all-stars that I bought are part of PRODUCT(RED). Converse is a partner with PRODUCT(RED), so any (RED) shoes that you buy from them (or any of the other partnered company) send 5% of the cost to the Global Fund to help fight the spread of AIDS, Tuberculosis, and malaria. Just doing a little to help out where I can.


Jen said...

Just when you thought Chuck Taylors couldn't get any better, they became socially conscious.
:) Enjoy them honey!

zztopdog said...

Cool! And don't forget to consider product red when you are ready for your new phones!