Wednesday, June 27, 2007

She said what?

So often I bask in awe at the wonderful little person Peanut is becoming. She's becoming so independant, she's into everything, and she loves figuring things out. She's definitely a talker, with a vocabulary that rivals a lot of adults that I know. What I'm saying is, she's her own person.

But then, I hear things like this little exchange.

Jen and I were in the kitchen, and we heard Peanutrunning through the house. On her pass through the living room, we heard her say, "OW", and hit the floor. Knowing that Peanut had some big plastic jacks on the floor, Jen hollered in, asking if she was okay. Peanut told us she'd hurt her foot. Jen asked, "Did you step on your jacks?"

Peanut's reply: "No, I stepped on one." Clearly making the distinction between a singular jack and multiple jacks. Jen will tell you (as will I), that she gets this particular trait from me. Sorry Jen, but soon, there might be two of me flapping our jaws around here.

I know that right now, Peanut is just telling it like it is, as only a toddler can. Meanwhile, I say things like this all the time, as a poor attempt to elicit jokes from the eye-rollers around me. Hopefully, as she gets older, Peanut will learn the value of bluntness (when applicable), humor (when appropriate), and silence (when daddy needs a nap).

See?! There I go again. It's a sickness really.


Jen said...

It really is amazing what a balance of the two of us she is.... her flair for the dramatic, her need for correcting grammar and language, her love of cheese...

She is unbelievable!

The Mrs. said...

Oh, so you're one of those...

The kind who, when asked if he got his haircut, will reply with, "No, I got them all cut".

Poor Jen.

(BTW, Jen. I got your message. We're dealing with a sick baby currently which is why I didn't call you back. I'll get in touch with you tomorrow!)

zztopdog said...

Awesome girl and wonderfully told story! ;)

Anonymous said...

"Telling like it is" is inherited!
From ggpa, to gma, to dad, to Peanut.

xo ggpa