Friday, June 22, 2007

Baby Bubba

While Bubba and Mrs. F went to the car dealer, we were tapped to hang onto Baby Bubba. Jen picked him up while I was at physical thereapy this morning. After she and the kids made a quick trip to the store, Jen brought the kids back to our house.

At first, despite having his pup there,...

...Baby Bubba was a little upset about being at our house without his mom and dad. Luckily, Peanut was there to rescue us. She immediately set about having a tea party with Baby Bubba.

After making sure that we all had our plates and cups, Peanut enjoyed pouring tea for everyone,

but Baby Bubba soon lost interest when he discovered the magic that is...

...a pumpkin-shaped slinky. That little toy kept him happy until lunch. It's pretty cool, because Peanut kept asking if Baby Bubba was her friend. She also didn't understand why he wasn't talking like she was. I told her that because Baby Bubba wasn't as old as she was, he couldn't talk like her yet. Eventually, she got.

It's always a good time when Baby Bubba comes to the house. We all enjoy having him here. Some more than others.


Anonymous said...

Early every morning (before 8 am), I have to check your site for your latest posting. It is so much fun and interesting to read, since I don't see you all very often. And I love the pics.

After I get new color ink, I am going back and print some of the pics to hang in my rooms. Present ones are so out-of-date.

I'll have to do some experimenting to see how to get 8 x 10 pics.


Jen said...

It was fun having Baby Bubba over to play....I told Peanut we might be going over to his house tonight. Her exact words, "that would be so much fun!" :)

zztopdog said...

It sounds as if Emy is a good little hostess and friend! Yea, Emy!