Sunday, July 29, 2007

Worth the D'oh!

Jen and I left a sleeping Peanut in the hands of our capable babysitter, and took in a late show last night. As you can tell from the trailer above, we saw "the Simpsons" movie.

I think that Jen's view of the "Simpsons" is that she can take or leave it. On the other hand, I've been a fan of the "Simpsons" since the show started,almost 19 years ago. I can remember the ferver over all things "Simpsons" in the early '90's. In fact, I was the proud owner of a Bart Simpson, "Don't have a cow, man!" tank top. That's right, I said, "Tank top".

My friend Jeff and I would watch the shows on tape all the time. Given our love of quotables, the "Simpsons" have proven fertile ground for us. Some favorites include:
"It says, 'I choo-choo-choose you.' And there's a picture of a train." - Ralph Wiggum.
"I just want to have a beer while I'm caring." - Homer Simpson
"Kwyjibo. A big, dumb, balding, North American ape. Kwyjibo." - Bart Simpson
"Remember Ralphie, if you're nose starts bleeding, it's because you picking it too much. Or... not enough." - Chief Wiggum.

I believe at one point Jeff, his sister Jill, and I tried to catalog all the "Simpsons" VCR tapes we had, using the chalkboard in the opening sequence as the identifier for certain episodes.

Hey, it's not like we had full-time jobs back then.

Anyway, I'm highly recommending this movie. It's pure escapism, meant to keep you laughing for the duration. And it delivers.
Seeing this movie, while inspiring a nice trip down memory lane, helped me remember just how much I enjoy this show (I've really been hit or miss in viewing it the last few years). I'll be setting the DVR for the upcoming 19th season.


Jen said...

Sider Pig, Spider Pig does whatever a Spider Pig does. Does he hang from a web, no he can't cause he's a pig. :)

It was a fun time!!

Anonymous said...
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