Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a few random thoughts...

While we're waiting for the antibiotics to take full effect, I wanted to share a few nuggets of random happenings.

Over the last few days, Peanut has rediscovered her harmonica. She calls it her "instrument" and has been serenading us every chance she gets. One of her favorite movies is "Cinderella". There's a scene where the ugly stepsisters are singing "Sing Sweet Nightingale". Peanut has been asking us to sing that song while she plays her harmonica. The scary thing? When she starts playing it, the first two notes sound like she's accurately playing it by ear. It's eerily hilarious.

Emily's harmonica

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Then we have Leia. Jen and Peanut came home with a Halloween bucket from daycare. Apparently, it was donated by the local dollar store. I'm still confused why this happened in August, but it probably doesn't matter. Peanut ended up with a couple of new toys, but more importantly, Leia ended up with a small musical frankenstein doll. She had a blast running around with it and shredding the innards to get to the musical piece inside.

She's just a big sweetie. And she's a good girl. (all said in my best dog voice)


The Mrs. said...

I could listen to Peanut sing all day. One of my favorite memories from this summer was watching her brush her hair while singing "A Dream is a Wish You're Heart Makes". Cute, cute, cute!

I do have to admit, though, that if the harmonica was in my house it would magically disappear once again while she was sleeping. Bad mommy, I know.

srios24 said...

Thank you for the wonderful song!! The kids loved hearing Emy again and asked to listen to it over and over!!

Love you guys!

Jen said...

You're not a bad mommy Mrs. I'd hide the damn thing but I don't know where she's stowed it! I think she knows that I would take it and has stealthily hidden it. She's already smarter than me at the age of 2...sigh

Anonymous said...

What a beatifull pic of Peanut. I just made an 8x10 to hang in the gallery.