Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thirty Plus One

I'd like to wish you all a very happy 31st anniversary of the observance of Greg-mas!

Before I go on to honor all things "Greg" on his special day, may I first give a well deserved shout-out to his Mom, Pam and his Dad, Harold for having put up with him for the duration of his childhood and adolescence and not killing him as he reached adulthood, as I know they so often felt the urge to do. Just kidding....sort of. In all seriousness, thanks you two for raising such a remarkable guy!

Ah, but what to say about my darling, my love--the one who makes me laugh, makes me cry (usually because I'm laughing so hard), the one who helps me take life less seriously and see the humor in everything. I've known you since you were 17. Back then, you looked something like this

The drum major of the marching band complete with fancy plume and cape. You enjoyed Michael Jordan--his basketball moves and his shoes. You could be seen driving a golden hued Toyota Corolla and your hair was far longer than mine is now. You played basketball with Jeff and Kevin, you drank beer at the condo, and listened to all kinds of rock and rap.

Ah, time changes many things....I'm so glad you came to your senses with the hair. It's too bad you don't still have that whistle, cape and fancy hat; I think Peanut would have a blast with them! You no longer honor M.J. buy purchasing every shoe merchandised with this logo, but keep it real as a "purist" only showing interest in styles he actually wore.....or at least those are the ones you admire in the Eastbay catalog since now we have a kid and you can't afford to buy 'em any more. Nowadays you can be seen in a Blue Toyota Rav4 (complete with carseat, wife and 2 dogs) and rather than blasting Highway to Hell, it's more likely to be playing back a Bob and Tom show Podcast. Playing basketball happens infrequently, but I know you would love to play more than you get to now. Watch that shoulder though mister! Your favorite beer buddy (aside from me) is probably Bubba, who shares your love of Leinies rather than that MGD crap you used to drink.

You've evolved in so many ways honey. Despite the fact that you are now "in your thirties" I think things are getting better with age.



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Greg. ggpa

zztopdog said...

And best wishes for many more!Great post!

s.rios24 said...

Great post!! I had almost forgot about the "golden" car!! Great band pic too!! Happy b-day "in his thirties" man!

The Mrs. said...

Happy Birthday, Greg! I can hear your bones crackin' and knees poppin' from here! =)

Here's hoping you have a wonderful day, and enjoy a few of those Leinie's while you're at it.

Loved the pictures, Jen!

Jen said...

In the words of the far wiser, well, maybe not wiser, but definately far RICHER man, Jay-Z: Thirty's the new twenty. Enjoy it honey and happy birthday!! Love you~~J