Sunday, August 12, 2007

I hope you never have to say this to your kid....

Picture it:

It's dinner time. You and your 2 1/2 year old are happily feasting on grilled cheese sandwiches with fresh green beans.

The 2 year old tells you, "Mommy, I'm full." To which you reply, "Ok, please finish your milk." She finishes her milk and then plays around with her fork. Just to be clear, you ask again, "Are you sure you are all done with your dinner?" Her reply, "Yes, I'm done."

Being the fan of food that you are and thoroughly enjoying the harvest of fresh green beans you have been receiving from the local Farm, you begin finishing the small pile of beans left on the plate.

Your child, realizing that she is missing out on the last few scrumptious bites of beans, begins screeching in an inaudible type of jargon and draws her fork back as a weapon. You then utter the words you never thought you would say in your days as a parent, "Use your words and don't stab me with that fork."

After laughing until you cry twice (one time right after the incident and then again as you relive it on the phone with your husband), you realize that God has blessed you with blogging for this exact situation. To give others a laugh, and hopefully share your wisdom with them....never take food from a small child with a may be the last thing you do!


Swanny said...

Sadly, she gets it from her mother. Dinner at our house is always an adventure. We all love our food, it's just that Peanut forgets how much she loves hers until you try to take it from her. LIve and learn, I guess. Hopefully, without a fork stuck in your hand.

srios24 said...

maybe switch to plasticware!! Like mother, like daughter!! Too funny!

The Mrs. said...

I would have gladly given you my helping of green beans with no threat of puncture wounds to your hands.

What did we laugh about (or at?) before becoming parents?

zztopdog said...

Love the photo! I think she has a lot of grammy in her! ;)

Anonymous said...

If see is my ggdaughter, wait 'till she tries ribs. Watch out!