Friday, August 10, 2007

The Times They are a Changing

As my summer break (sniff, sniff) nears its end, I'm reminded how fast time moves. As time seems to fly by me I often feel as though I'm oblivious to the fact that while the time passes, it ages me. Not just me I suppose. My dad always says, "As long as it's happening to everyone else too, I don't mind getting older." What wisdom, huh?

I realized this week that I not only tend to be oblivious at how much older I am getting but I seem to miss the fact that other people in my life are growing up too--children especially and specifically a certain 5-year-old named J-Bug starting Kindergarten this month. I have also discovered recently that I've been happily ignorant about how the folliage in my yard is changing and "maturing."

To aptly show how much our gardens and our child have grown this summer, I present the following evidence:

Exhibit A: Peanut's Tomato Plants
The first photo is from early June. The second one was taken just this morning!

Check out the tomatoes hanging on there!!!

Exhibit B: Peanut's "seeds" (her wildflowers), these taken also at the beginning of June:

Here they are this morning! Look carefully, you could lose a toddler in folliage this tall.

Seriously. Nearly all of the flowers are taller than Peanut now, which considering how much she's grown this summer, is saying something!

Exhibit C: My Garden, which Peanut helps me water faithfully.

On the left we have it in June with the Green Beans in the back on the fence and the carrots in the 3 rows in front.

And on the right is my garden this morning complete with beans finally flowering. I know it's hard to see what with the glowing toddler who so dutifully posed in the picture for her mother rather than playing on her swingset or blowing bubbles, but you may notice that the carrots, while taller, seem thinner.....I was shocked to discover today, a row and a half of carrots are MISSING! They're totally gone! It appears there are some well fed neighborhood bunnies out there! I always like to help out those who are hungry and less fortunate, but I sure hope they leave some for us to enjoy....

Man, time changes everything--plants and children included!! In only 2 months Peanut has changed sooooo much! To further add to the nostalgia and the boo-hoos about time rushing past us. I'll end with this:

Peanut last summer, just before school started again....

Peanut this morning:

Where does the time go?!


zztopdog said...

What a delightful post! I'm glad you're all feeling better!

srios24 said...

Don't you hate admit how much wisdom our parents actually have!! Don't blink, Emy will be the one starting kindergarten!! It's sad, but great to start a new chapter in our lives! Love ya!

Swanny said...

She's not going to get any older. I won't allow it. :) Hard to believe the jump from last year to this one. I can only imagine how we'll feel when we look back next year.

Anonymous said...

Now you know how ggpa feels approaching 80! I how I can see her in kindergarden, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Love y'all


The Mrs. said...

WAAAAA!!! Why do our babies have to grow up? And why oh why does summer have to end? I think we need to lobby for a 3 month school year and a 9 month "summer" break. What do you think?

See ya Monday!