Wednesday, August 8, 2007

If you've got a sense of humor...

It's been a rough couple of days in the Swanny house. Peanut and Jen have been fighting allergy symptoms and upper respitory stuff. While I felt bad for them, I was glad that I, for one, was feeling fine. Karma...

Yesterday, I came home from work around 6 and went to bed for an hour. I'd felt like crap all day, and had a temperature of 101.7 by the time dinner was ready. I didn't sleep well last night, and haven't been in top form today. I guess what I'm saying is, depspite that we are on the mend, now is not the best time for visitors.

So, with not a lot going on, I present this for your viewing. I won't say "viewing pleasure", because if you're not in the right mood, you're not going to laugh.

I heard about this on Bob and Tom, and checked it out. It's an "internet only" campaign, so it will not be appearing on television, radio, or in print ads. After the quick intro, click on the link in the lower right, "How Bodygroom Saved the Beach". While it's not something you want your kids to see, it's nothing that anybody hasn't seen before. Enjoy it here. Remember to laugh. Also, I posted about this against Jen's better judgement. She is hereby obsolved of all blame.

p.s. this is a REAL product, so please, I don't want to know if you order one.

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Jen said...

So, are you leaving this on here because you secretly want one for your birthday in a few weeks here?