Friday, August 31, 2007

Tagged, I was IT

So the sharing of the oddities continues:

1. I love to eat. I have an abnormally veracious appetite for a.) a woman and b.) a woman who is not pregnant. I could eat from the time I get up until the time I fall asleep on the couch at night while Swanny is blogging. Then, when he wakes me up to go up to bed, I could have another little snack. I keep snacks in the car, in my desk at work and sometimes in my purse. What can I say, I love to eat. Peanut appears to have inherited this trait, bless her.

2.Bugs--they bug me. The cicadas I hear outside of my window right now are serenading me because they know it makes me shudder. Spiders--seriously, bugs shouldn't have hair should they? Don't get me started on things like Earwigs and Crickets. If they leave me alone, I'll leave them alone, but due to the HUGE number of them in the world, our paths always seem to cross. Swanny's odd admiration of cicadas (which should have been #1 on his list) does not mix well with this personality trait of mine....

3. What's that playing on the radio? I get so sick of listening to the same 10 songs played over and over again on the radio that I have abandoned listening to "regular" radio and am shamelessly addicted to National Public Radio. While I can relay to you news about the most recent car-bombing in Iraq, tell you who the guests were on the Diane Rheme show or Fresh Air, name the latest cabinet member to resign at the White House, or tell you about a new Indie film coming out (that will likely not be seen anywhere around here) I tend to not have a clue about the most recent top 40 hits. I've tried to listen to some of the music our 15 year old neighbor downloaded onto his iPod (and then shared with me to help me be "hip"), but that crap sucks. I suppose this is why I'm so terrible at humming songs in Cranium.

4. I often count things, just to count them--rings of the telephone, steps I take down a hallway, papers I'm looking through at work, forks I'm putting away from the dishwasher...I count them because they're there. Maybe it's my way of staying in the present moment and maintaining my awareness, but then again, maybe it's my Autism coming out at the ripe old age of 28.

5. I have the inner yearning to be neat, tidy and organized, but the execution of such characteristics fails miserably for me. I pledge to keep the house picked up, my clothes put away, the counters cleared, but after a few days I find my true inner spirit emerges, which is more content with slight chaos and disorder. I have found that I do a fairly decent job of keeping the parts of my house that visitors, guests and others typically see or spend time in in good order. Don't ask to see my bedroom though. My mother-in-law has a magnet that says, "Dull women have immaculate houses." I don't think that this is true per-se (I know the Mrs.--and my mother-in-law for that matter have immaucate houses and and they are anything but dull), but it does give me a little comfort.

6. I'm never satisfied. Bless Swanny's heart for putting up with me, but there's always something else. I earned my degree (check), I attained a job in the field I want to work in (check), I settled in a job where my schedule and work are perfect for me (check), I added a little "side" work in Early Intervention because I can do more with my skills (check)....up next, a master's degree, maybe my own clinic and one day I'd love to do my job O.T's Without Borders (we can just tag along w/the Doctors right?)....but it never really ends. My work is just one area of my life where I always feel faith, my home decor, my parenting abilities. It never ends--I'm driven--sometimes to a fault.
I'm sure those of you who know me can think of more, but there you are. I better see some other lists on this blog--even if it's just one oddity--share it readers!! That way I know I'm not alone.

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Anonymous said...

I am not on your tag team, but let me comment on your blog;
#1 I thot that Swanney and Peanut loved to eat because they probable have my genes. But as I get older, I can't eat so much, so I go for I quality.
#4 I love to count:
a. my change and dollars.
b. my steps to wherever.
c. days left in the month.
(to conserve my money)
d. etc.
#5. As a kid, evrything in my life was a mess. But after 49 years of marriage, Carol has turned me into a neat-nick. In 2 & 1/2 hours, I shower, breakfast, dishes, mop, vaccum, mop, dust, windex, polish, and do 2 loads of wash! My friends and neighbors say I have the cleanest apartment in the building.
# 6. I have always love to work, and now that I am retired, I get so bored, but I keep busy with my love for cooking *, and my recipe book, my interest in genealogy (the search never ends for the needle in the hatstack), playing my organ and other organs eslewhere, and my my social life.

* Want to hire me?

Love y'all ggpa