Sunday, August 5, 2007

What a weekend...

It was another jam-packed, fun-filled weekend for the Swanny household. We kicked things off with a visit from the ladies of onecarbonhill. The mrs., Shortcake, and Punkin came by for some swinging, sliding, and apparently, flowers.

I had to work, and so missed out on the fun, but I'm told the girls had a blast. I guess Jen and the Mrs. also enjoyed having some adult interaction that didn't involve also having to entertain their husbands. That's okay, no offense taken.

The afternoon's fun was followed by Peanut's first trip to Ottawa's annual Riverfest. Riverfest is an event that spans the last week of July and the first week of August. There's always something going on downtown during this time, but the best part is the second week. That's when the carnival goes up, bands like "the Gin Blossoms" perform, and the Taste of Ottawa is up and running.
I left work Friday evening, came home to collect Jen and Peanut, and we were off to Riverfest. Naturally, we hit the food first. I grabbed a delicious italian beef sandwich, Jen had a gyro, and Peanut insisted on having a corndog.

After dinner, we took Peanut up to the carnival to check out the kiddie rides. We figured she might like to try some of the tame rides, but she wasn't having any of it. Despite our coaxing, she was content to just watch the other kids ride. As we walked along, she decided that she wanted to try this half-baked fishing game that involved dropping the "hook" into the water and dragging the bottom of the tub until you snagged a small plastic shark (or 2, or 3).

The sharks had a mark in their mouths that indicated whether you won a small or large prize. Peanut "caught" one shark, winning a small prize...

I mean, what hell is that?! It would've been better if she could've kept the shark.

After the excitement of the plastic whatever-it-is died down, we went and got ice cream on the way home. This is one of my favorite pictures...

So that was Friday. Saturday, I went to work in the morning and Jen picked me up in the afternoon. Then it was off to Princeton(?) for our friends' Vicki and Carol's wedding.

It was a beautiful ceremony, and it was great to see so many other members of our church there to show these two wonderful ladies their love and support. If only everyone could be lucky enough to find someone to love as much as Vicki and Carol so obviously do. Best of luck to you both, but after 25 years, you seem to have it pretty much down pat.

After the reception (featuring a fantastic chicken dinner and even better cake), Jen and I met up with Bubba and Mrs F. to head for Riverfest ourselves. It was the first time in three years that the four of us went and someone wasn't pregnant or nursing. Much food and drink was consumed and a good time was generally had by all.

Today, wasn't so crazy. Church this morning, naps this afternoon, and the three of us went to Bubba and Mrs F's house for dinner. Baby Bubba is getting so big, and it's always fun to see him trying to play with Peanut. Jen, Peanut and I left their house as it got dark, and went to a park near our house to find a good spot to watch the firworks that mark the end of Riverfest.

It's been a busy weekend, but when it's spent with good friends and family, it's made all the better.


zztopdog said...

Awesome! ;)

Anonymous said...

I should have stayed over the weekend!

Jen said...

IT was an exhausting but fun time this weekend. Peanut and Shortcake had so much fun and Punkin had fun once she made peace wtih the doggies. Riverfest was fun as usual; it's so fun to see it through Emy's eyes! The wedding was lovely. You could just feel the love in the air and see how happy Viki and Carol were. Fireworks, though quite damp were enjoyable!! Summer's going by too fast!!!!:)

The Mrs. said...

We had so much fun at your house. Thanks for hosting! Punkin is only mildly traumatized by her encounters with Leia. She only woke up screaming once last night, so that's progress. =)

Looks like the rest of your weekend was a blast! Your commentary on the carnival games was hilarious.

PS - Our internet was down all day yesterday, hence I was unable to play trivia. Lucky break for you, Swanny!