Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Bubba

It's been a busy weekend in the Swanny house. We started off with a fun Friday night including, book club and a baby sitter for Peanut. :) Peanut was soooooo excited to have Andrew here and chose a movie quickly. Swanny and I were excited about good Chineese food. I was also looking forward to discussing what I found to be a great book:

Check it out in all of that free time you have!

Saturday was the big party day. Peanut woke up talking about it and told everyone she met, "Today is Connor's birthday." It's true. Baby Bubba, who also goes by Connor Fulkerson, had his first birthday party. It was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme complete with festive hats

playing on the super-fun swingset

and of course, CAKE.

Baby Bubba was an excellent host. He was typically found surrounded by all of his cousins, with whom he did not chose to share his little cake. And, let's be honest, who can blame him.

Ah, to be one again. I was so wishing that I could've enjoyed my slice of his cake in a similar way, but was reminded how socially inappropriate that would have been for a 28 year old.

Football madness continued today. Let's just say that at this point, I'm happy (Go Pack GO!) and Swanny is lamenting the offense that can't pull their you-know-what together (Da Bears). We both, however, are becoming more embarrased by our dismall performance in the One Carbon Hill Fantasy Football Tournament. Let's just say, we have bigger hopes for the top performers on our team....I keep reminding myself, it's only week 3, it's only week 3.....

Fun times though! Hope your weekend was just as fun!


pseudored2 said...

You are lucky we are related or I would not be able to forgive the pointing out that the Bears suck at the same time that the pac is actually doing well. But I love you anyway....I think.

srios24 said...

Baby Bubba looks sooo cute!! I love first birthday parties!! Looked like a lot of fun! Go Pack Go!