Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He's baaaack...

1985. I was eight or nine years old, probably hanging out at Jeff's house, listening to a tape by a comedian I'd never heard before. His completely dry delivery and one-liners that run on momentum, but don't necessarily tie together, had us rolling on the floor. We didn't always get the jokes, but it became quote fodder for years. We were lucky enough to get to see him in concert while we were in high school. I listened to the tape over and over, switching to the CD when my copies of the tape wore out. As I've gotten older, it's gotten better.

The comedian? Steven Wright. The album? "I Have a Pony".

Despite various stand-up specials, movies, and DVD's, "I Have a Pony" has been the only album that Wright has put out. Now, 22 years later, I've listened to and enjoyed, "I Still Have a Pony".

Filled with more of Wright's classic delivery style, this album is a must-have for his fans. As I listened to it for the first time today, I was wiring new lights into the basement ceiling, but I was transported back to Jeff's basement in 1985. It's been like getting back in touch with an old friend. Pick up this CD, or download it. It's good, clean fun.

I mean, any album that makes you laugh so hard you drop a hammer on your foot, has to be good, right?

Has anybody had experiences like this? "Rediscovering" something that you didn't even know you were missing? Something that's still great, even after all these years?

p.s. Mike Birbiglia is thin and hilarious. Bob and Tom listeners will know what I'm talking about.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Mike Birbiglia was "pudgy and awkward"! He was on Bob and Tom the other day and had me in stitches!